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  • Fundraising Gathering

Todd will gather with supporters Tuesday evening starting @ 7:30 pm at Under the Dome, 116 Main St, Neenah, WI. Snacks will be provided.

  • Support Letter Received

Todd received the following support letter from Marigen Carpenter:

Having worked with Todd Stevenson for eight of his twenty years on the Neenah City Council, I know these things about him:

1. Council presidents are selected by their peers, and though Council membership changes over the years, for eighteen years the Council members have chosen Todd as Council president. That is testimony to the respect in which he is held, and to his leadership capabilities.

2. Council presidents serve on all standing committees, and those committee meetings and areas of jurisdiction give the Council president an important breadth of knowledge about city issues and activities. Todd has that knowledge.

3. His community involvement with the YMCA, The United Way and numerous sports-related activities – all requiring time and dedication, and all unpaid positions – demonstrates his civic spirit. That kind of commitment to his community led to the Neenah Rotary recognizing him with their Service above Self award. Selfless service is a great credential for an aspiring mayor.

He is a worthy candidate, and deserving of support on April 6.

Marigen Carpenter

Additional supporters who believe Todd Stevenson is the RIGHT choice for our Neenah Mayor are listed below:

Steering Committee:
Michelle Dejno Paul Roth Nancy Stevenson
Ray DeRoche Kevin Schuh Judd Stevenson
Nick Piergrossi
Doug Adams Joe & Amy Gruse Brian Pohlman
John & Jane Anderson Sam & Jackie Hartmann Peter & Chris Pomrening
John & Becky Arpin George & Lynn Hasenohrl Mike Prell
Jane Arps Ben & Missy Hasenohrl Gerry & Pat Rickman
Ron & Kathy Babbitz Scott & Carmen Hass Gerry & Margie Rietveld
Mary Banes Howard & Eleanor Healy Paul & Dawn Roth
Jill Bauer Rita Heinz John & Ann Marie Schmitz
Allison Becker Les Herzfeldt Lyle Schneider
Brian & Molly Becker Katie Hess Jim Schroeder
Dan & Sue Began Warren Hirte Kevin & Brenda Schuh
Tyler Berenz Rick Holloway Don & Patty Schuh
Bill & Mary Bergstrom Dave & Janet Huculak Jack Seitz
Jeff Block Mike Huff Scott & Erin Shafer
Fritz & Donna Block Joe & Sue Jares Jeff Sherwood
Scott & Kathy Boelter Howard & Maggie Johnson Harry & Barb Sherwood
Jim & Mona Bouressa Al Jugo Tim Short
Ed Braemer Mark & Kathy Kellermann Jim & Jody Sonnentag
Al & Mary Braemer Bob Kroll Kurt & Belinda Stadtmueller
Mike Brandow Nick Kulibert Franz & Sandy Stadtmueller
Pat & Kim Breen Kyle Kulibert Boyd Sterling
Jim & Marsha Britt Jeff & Cathy Kulibert Ashley Stevenson
Dan Brown Esther Lafond Judd & Judy Stevenson
Tucker Burr Rick & Karen Langdon Jeff & Mary Strane
Marigen Carpenter Jim & Sharon Lauer Bob & Jean Stumpf
Tom Coenen Scott Laurin Shaye Sturgis
Steve Cowling Bruce Levenhagen Rob & Carol Swannell
Tom Crist Torrey Levenhagen Megan Healy-Teeling
Gene Darkow Jennifer Lipp Craig & Gloria Teronde
Ray & Darlene Deroche Len Louma Warren & Lee Tran
Jeff & Kennie DeHammer Pat & Jean Lowney Mike & Kathleen Tuchscherer
Al & Michelle Dejno Joann Luedke Tom & Mary Van Lieshout
Sally Dey Tom Lukas Wally & Mary Varberg
Dave Diedrich Pat & Julie Lynn Brian Verkuilen
Gretchen Diegel Donald Marshall Randy & Lisa Vohen
Jack & Nancy Dombeck Paul McAvoy John & Mary Vohen
Vern & Pat Drechsler Duane McDonald Al Wangelin
Frank Eccles Maurice Mead Scott & Julie Weber
Dave Eccles Rick & Vicki Meinke Peter Weitz
John Eckrich Bill & Candy Miller Greg Weyenberg
Jim & Karen Eike Jeff & Janice Miller Joan Widmann
Steve Erbach Peter & Jennifer Miller Carol Wilhelm
Bill & Shirley Ernst Don & Sandy Miller Jan Williams
Robbie Ertl Kris Mork Joe & Cheryl Williamson
Rick Fahrenkrug Gary & Carla Mulvey Al & Marvel Williamson
Steve Foster Dave Newhouse Jim & Sherry Wismans
Rich & Pam Garman Russ & Marlene Noren Chuck Wismer
Dave Gauthier Dee Novotny Rose Wollerman
Mark Gauthier Karlene & Jack Neubauer Rich Zeinert
Carlton Giese Ed & Connie Peck


  • Fundraising Gathering

Catch the Campaign Spirit! Join the efforts to elect Todd Stevenson for Neenah Mayor!

What: Fundraising Gathering
When: Wednesday, March 10, 2010
Where: Under the Dome 166 Main Street, Neenah
Time: 4:30pm – 8:00pm
Cost per person: $20.00

Brats will be served with a variety of pastas, salads and desserts. Soda and water provided. Other beverages available for purchase.

Thank you!
Your support is greatly appreciated!

  • Absentee Voting

Click Here for absentee ballot request

Registered voters who cannot go to their polling place or are unwilling to go on election day may vote by absentee ballot. Voters who have moved within the state during the 10 days before an election can vote by absentee in person at the Clerk's Office or by mail. Ballots are available for mailing or in-person voting 21 days before an election (30 days before the fall elections).

In Person: You may request and mark an absentee ballot in person at the City Clerk's Office. The deadline is 5 p.m. on the day before the election.

By Mail: You may request an absentee ballot by mail. Your written request can go to the City Clerk any time from six months before an election until 5 p.m. the Friday before the election. Send your full name, the address of your legal voting residence, the fact that you are requesting an absentee ballot and the address to which you want the ballot sent. The City Clerk's Office must receive your absentee ballot by election day in order for your vote to be counted.



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